GhostYou have come here because you have chosen to look deeper into what others may miss. For that, we want to invite you to join us for a special evening on Sunday, August 12th, from 8-11 pm in Halifax’s North End. Due to Nova Scotia’s 1921 Prohibition legislation, we cannot publicly reveal the nature or location of this event. We cannot, for instance, promise that there will be merry revelry – that there will be games, food and drink – or that there will be strange and beautiful objects with haunting stories on offer for the highest bidder.

If the mystery shrouding this affair does not alarm you, please send a message to with the line “My spirit shall fly singing to his lodging” to RSVP and receive further details. Any inquiries that do not include this password will be treated as suspicious and receive polite replies denying any knowledge of such an event. We look forward to seeing you.


Ghost from Villain’s Theatre on Vimeo.