Our fall 2017 show is merritt-award nominated writer and Villains artistic director Dan Bray’s new adaptation of Thomas Middleton’s Second Maiden’s Tragedy:

October 18-22, 2017
Few survivors emerge from the wreckage of a vicious civil uprising. At the bottom of the heap, the forsaken ruler Govianus; reigning triumphant, the twisted usurper known only as the Tyrant. As the final act of triumph, the Tyrant sets out to win over Govianus’ Lady, only to find that her love for Govianus is stronger than either her desire for power or – ultimately – her fear of death. But as we learn, not even the grave can stand between the Tyrant and his twisted revenge. Inspired by Thomas Middleton’s dark tragedy, this new semi-musical adaptation will celebrate the carnivalesque nature of both this controversial drama and today’s political climate. Complete with a strong undercurrent of dark humour, Tyrant is an active rejection to tyranny, coming to the Halifax stage just in time for Halloween.

In spring 2018, the Villains return to Neptune, as artistic producer and 2016 Halifax Emerging Theatre Artist award-winner Colleen MacIsaac’s new work plays on the Scotiabank Stage: 

April 11-18, 2018
The Description of a New World, Called The Blazing-World, was a visionary proto-science fiction epic written in 1666 by philosopher, scientist, and playwright Margaret Cavendish. Our modern reimagining sets this introspective and surprisingly funny tale in our own blazing world – one ravaged by the increasingly dire effects of climate change. This new work takes text, themes, and concepts from the original, remixing, expanding, and re-creating the work into a completely new theatrical experience. It is an imaginative and poetic sci-fi odyssey, inspired by one of the most unique female philosopher-poets in western history. Exploring the terror of being overwhelmed in the face of a changing world where our options seem to oscillate between panic and apathy, it melds contemporary, Canadian issues with a bizarre and far-reaching description of an alternate universe.
The Blazing World will start the season in development under the guidance of Lunasea Theatre’s Furnace program as we continue to develop the script over the next few months. After its premiere at Neptune, the play will begin its touring life to the Saint Johns Theatre Company as part of their Canadian Stage series from June 1-2, 2018.

But that’s not all!
To kick off our eighth season this summer, The Villain’s Theatre is pleased to announce the return of our Pubstart Crow Series: A play in a pub in a day! From the first read to the final curtain, this informal and high-energy performance is alway an audience favourite!

July 31, 2017
This comedy by Beaumont & Fletcher makes a brief but bawdy landing in the University Club Pub this summer! When an uncouth family sits down to watch another boring Renaissance play (whaaat?), they decide to make some changes on their own, resulting in a sweeping, irreverent comedy, complete with giants, enchanted forests, and star-crossed lovers. Not to be missed, the Pubstart Crow is a celebration of the collaborative nature of early-modern theatre, and a chance to work with the Villains in a fun and low-stakes way.