The Blazing World returns:

Fresh off its world premiere in Halifax where critics called it “brilliant…Literate, funny and theatrically inventive,” we head to new Brunswick as part of St John Theatre Company’s Canadian Stage series. If you missed the show here at the Neptune Scotiabank Stage, Saint John is only a short road trip away!

 The Tamer Tamed
The Villain’s Theatre most frenetic, high-spirited, and downright Muppet-y tradition – the Pubstart Crow – is back for its third year in a row! An entire production thrown together in less than eight hours. Scripts in one hand, a beer in the other, the Pubstart Crow has quickly become the most anticipated part of the Villains’ season. It’s open to anyone who wants to play in any capacity they feel like! Performers, designers, directors, musicians – all are invited to join in our semi-staged, fully-hilarious theatrical nightmare!

The Tamer Tamed opens on the night of Shakespeare’s notorious “shrew-tamer” Petruccio’s second marriage. After his first wife Kate dies, he marries Maria, a woman all too aware of her fiancé’s reputation for “breaking in” his mates. She immediately sets herself up as not only a worthy opponent, but as a champion for all the women in town. As she says in the play:

“That childish woman
That lives a prisoner to her husband’s pleasure,
Has lost her making, and becomes a beast,
Created for his use, not fellowship. […] 
I have a new dance for him.”

A play in a pub in a day! 

The Changeling: Chimes of Bedlam

Set in London’s notorious Bedlam Hospital, The Changeling: Chimes of Bedlam follows Beatrice, wife of the the asylum’s president. After she falls in love with an aspiring doctor, she hires the bizarre hospital orderly Deflores to murder her husband. Thus begins a chain of violence and sexual obsession, culminating in a shocking and complex villainous partnership, delving further and further into the world of both gender politics and mental health. This production will take place at the Bus Stop Theatre this fall. Adapted by Dan Bray, dramaturged by  Laura Burke, and directed by Dorian Lang.


Our final show of the season is one that has been percolating within the company for several years. Our ninth season comes to a close with a new adaptation of Ben Jonson’s Volpone, entitled Fox.
Reimagined as a site-specific, contemporary courtroom drama, Fox follows Celia: a woman put on trial after she foils Volpone’s attempted sexual assault. Through multimedia, verbatim text, and theatre magic, we witness as she is forced to defend her own reputation against the Canadian justice system in a crusade led by a charismatic, rich, male celebrity. This subversive re-working ultimately puts Jonson himself on trial and asks what we can do to support those brave enough to take on the system. This production will take place in early 2019 and is directed by Kathryn McCormack and is being adapted by Dan Bray, Colleen MacIsaac, and Kathryn McCormack.