About the Villains

The Villains Theatre is a not-for-profit society based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.


The Villains Theatre is dedicated to creating transformative theatrical experiences. Often inspired by stories from the past, our work is vibrant and full of play. We collaborate with creators who inspire us as we strive to grow artistically and share our work with new audiences. We are committed to providing opportunities for emerging artists while contributing to the national theatre landscape.

The Villains Theatre is run by Artistic Director Dan Bray and Artistic Producer Colleen MacIsaac. We were founded in 2009 and have been a registered not-for-profit society since 2011. For a history of the company, check out this article.


“A valuable examination of power with great design and a bold vision.”
Tyrant. Michael Lake. The Coast.

“Brilliant, hopeful...Literate, funny, and theatrically inventive.”
The Blazing World. Elissa Barnard, NSreviews

“Impressive costumes … gorgeous original music”
The Spanish Tragedy. Michael Lake. The Coast

“Directed with precision … all-around excellent cast … The motives and intentions in the play were effervescently clear, the characters deftly drawn.”
The Nova Scotia Theatre: Best of 2016. Elissa Barnard and Andrea Nemetz. Local Xpress

“…crackles with energy and humour.”
-The Jew of Malta. Kate Watson, The Coast.

“Irreverant, funny and far cleverer than it has any right to be...Zomblet adds up to a fun night out this spooky season.” -Halifax Presents



The Villains Theatre is mandated to:

  • Create new theatrical work
  • Adapt and transform existing material
  • Develop and present our productions in Halifax
  • Collaborate with emerging and established artists
  • Cultivate and maintain relationships with cultural and educational institutions
  • Produce vibrant events and outreach activities for the community
  • Look for opportunities to tour our work nationally and internationally
  • Explore ways to develop professionally, both as artists and as a company


We value:

  • Artistic collaboration that fosters curiosity, openness, and innovation
  • Sharing our work and ideas
  • Work that explores the interplay between light and dark; celebrating that which makes us each unique and strange while navigating shared human experiences
  • Communicating clearly with each other and with the world
  • Engaging with our peers and mentors
  • Commenting upon contemporary issues through adaptation
  • Offering a platform for fresh voices and approaches to storytelling
  • Contemplating absurdity with sincerity
  • Developing sustainable practices artistically and administratively
  • Creating work that is thoughtful in content and equitable in process, addressing historical imbalances through our actions 
  • Chips


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Dan Bray

artistic director

Dan Bray is a Merritt-nominated, multidisciplinary artist living in Kji'puktuk/Halifax. As artistic director of The Villains Theatre, he has adapted and directed many shows (most recently Zomblet, M: the Berlin Murders, and Tyrant).

He has also worked with many other local companies, as an actor, dramaturge, and assistant director, including Two Planks & a Passion Theatre, Shakespeare by the Sea, Workshirt Opera, Eastern Front, Terra Novella, Xara Choral Theatre, and The Doppler Effect. Dan is the Vice Chair for the Halifax Fringe Festival, and he is a past member of the EFT Playwrights Unit. He received his MA from the University of Toronto’s Centre for Drama in 2009.


colleen macisaac

artistic producer

Colleen MacIsaac is a multidisciplinary artist based in Kji'puktuk/Halifax, working as a creator, performer, graphic designer, playwright, producer, and illustrator.

The winner of the 2016 Halifax Mayor’s Award for Emerging Theatre Artist, Colleen is also the artistic producer of The Villains Theatre, the managing director of 2b theatre company, and the development committee head at the Bus Stop Theatre Cooperative. As a performer, Colleen has worked with Zuppa Theatre (This is Nowhere), Matchstick Theatre (The Little Years), Workshirt Opera (Orlando), Xara Choral Theatre (Fatty Legs), Terra Novella Theatre (In Spaaaaaace!), and Us Vs Them (A Tournament of Lies), among others. Recent work as a playwright includes mercury, Cartography, The Blazing World, and dark matter.  Colleen received a Bachelor of Media Arts from Emily Carr University.

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Yolana Wassersug
Dorian Lang

Vice Chair:

Lara Lewis


Hélène Deval


Kirsten Bruce

Outreach Officer:

Daniel Woods

Member at Large:

Ronald Huebert

Awards & Accolades

MERRITT AWARD NOMINEE 2020: Fox (Outstanding Costume Design: Kaelen MacDonald), Zomblet (Outstanding New Script by a Nova Scotian Playwright, Dan Bray).
LOCAL XPRESS' BEST OF 2016: The Spanish Tragedy
Arden (Outstanding New Script by a Nova Scotian Playwright: Dan Bray), The Duchess of Malfi, (Outstanding Production by an Emerging Company; Outstanding original score: Michael Robson), Outstanding original score: Michael Robson) 
MERRITT AWARD NOMINEE 2014: The Roaring Girl (outstanding original score: Jenny Trites)
MERRITT AWARD NOMINEE 2013: The Jew of Malta (outstanding original score: Garry Williams)
THE COAST'S TOP PLAYS OF 2014: Gallathea "Sometimes a play just makes your heart sing, and this 16th-century script did that for me. It was beautifully staged and filled with memorable, quirky performances. It conveyed a simple but important message: love is love."
THE COAST'S TOP PLAYS OF 2013: The Roaring Girl"An original take on a 17th century comedy with original music and a feminist bent? Yes please!"
THE COAST'S TOP PLAY OF 2012: Kill Shakespeare "This was a unique theatre experience...[an] engaging storyline coupled with an intriguing format"