colleen arcturus macisaac

artistic producer

Colleen Arcturus MacIsaac (they/them) is an interdisciplinary artist living in Mi'kma'ki (Halifax, Nova Scotia), working across writing, theatre, drawing, illustration, video, graphic design, animation, comics, and performance.

The artistic producer of The Villains Theatre and the Co-Chair of Theatre Nova Scotia, Colleen's recent performance creations include A Beginner’s Guide to the Night Sky, The Object at Trash Beach, the effects were cumulative and i almost didn’t notice, TO: THE UNKNOWN, Shortcuts, mercury, Cartography, The Blazing World, and dark matter. They are a graduate of Emily Carr University (Bachelor of Media Art in Animation) and NSCAD University (Master of Fine Art in Studio Arts (performance)).

A multiple-Robert Merritt Theatre Award nominee, Colleen is also the winner of the Halifax Mayor’s Award for Emerging Theatre Artist, The Joseph Buoys Memorial Scholarship, the Bhayana Foundation Invisible Champion Award, and the Helen Hill Animated Award. 




Dan Bray

artistic director

Dan Bray (he/him) is a multidisciplinary artist living in beautiful Punamu’kwati’jk (Dartmouth). As artistic director of The Villains Theatre, he has written, directed, and adapted many shows (including Deepwater, International Waters, Shakespeare's Time Machine, Hänsel und Gretel in: der Garten von Edible Horrors, Observatory Mansions, and Zomblet). He is a 10-time Merritt Award nominee, the 2022 Merritt Award winner for "Outstanding Adaptation by a Nova Scotia Playwright" (Hänsel und Gretel), and a 2023 East Coast Music Award nominee for "Children's Entertainer of the Year" (Dinostories). His work has been performed across the maritimes, as well as in British Columbia and Ontario.

Dan has had the good luck of working with many of Nova Scotia's finest theatre companies - as a playwright, director, actor, and dramaturge - including Two Planks & a Passion Theatre, Shakespeare by the Sea, Festival Antigonish, Mulgrave Road Theatre, and Phyllis Rising Productions.

Dan is the 2023-24 Merritt Co-Host/Producer, the former Vice Chair for the Halifax Fringe Festival, a two-time attendee of Playwright Atlantic Resource Centre's annual retreat, and a member of the Playwrights Guild of Canada. He received his MA from the University of Toronto’s Centre for Drama in 2009.



Board Chair:

Lara Lewis

Vice Chair:

Tessa Pekeles


Hélène Deval


Marie Raynard

Outreach Officer:

Danielle Toner

Members at Large:

Sara Graham, Rebecca Currie Morrison, Hope MacPherson, Keith Morrison, Kirsten Luella Bruce, and Mahia Tench


We are fortunate enough to regularly work with Associate Producers through the Canada Summer Jobs program.

Past employees have included Becca Wolfe, Rooks Field-Green, Blossom Mendoza, Ryan Rafuse, Katherine Norris, Oliver Dorais Fleming, Vicky Coo, Anna Shepard, and Mahia Tench.

Tintype Photographs by Correia Photo.
Gottingen Street photograph by James MacLean.

Awards & Accolades

MERRITT AWARD NOMINEE 2024: A Beginner's Guide to the Night Sky (Best New Play by a Nova Scotian: Colleen Arcturus MacIsaac; Outstanding Indie Production; Outstanding Score: Colleen Arcturus MacIsaac; Outstanding Performance in a Lead Role: Genevieve Steele), Rain on the Parade (Outstanding Performance in a Supporting Role: Dan Bray, Outstanding Score: Garry Williams, Outstanding Costume Design: Oliver Dorais-Fleming).
Knight of the Bat 2 (Winner: Hot Ticket Award)
EAST COAST MUSIC AWARD NOMINEE 2023: Dinostories: 3 Prehistoric Fairy Tales
(Children's Entertainer of the Year: The Villains Theatre & Bingley and the Rogues).
MERRITT AWARD NOMINEE 2023: International Waters (Best New Play by a Nova Scotian: Dan Bray), Shakespeare's Time Machine (Outstanding Projection Design: Dan Bray, Colleen MacIsaac & Anna Shepard).
HALIFAX FRINGE FESTIVAL WINNER 2022: Knight of the Bat (Winner: Hot Ticket Award), International Waters (Runner-Up: Audience Choice Award; Winner: Hot Ticket Award).
MERRITT AWARD WINNER 2022: Hänsel und Gretel in: der Garten von Edible Horrors: a Terrible Parable (Outstanding Adaptation by a Nova Scotian Playwright: Dan Bray).
MERRITT AWARD NOMINEE 2022: Hänsel und Gretel in: der Garten von Edible Horrors: a Terrible Parable (Outstanding Ensemble; Outstanding Indie Production; Outstanding Original Score: Ian McFarlane, Dan Bray & Rachel Lloyd), Observatory Mansions (Outstanding Adaptation by a Nova Scotian Playwright: Dan Bray; Outstanding Lighting Design: Vicky Williams).
MERRITT AWARD NOMINEE 2020: Fox (Outstanding Costume Design: Kaelen MacDonald), Zomblet (Outstanding New Script by a Nova Scotian Playwright: Dan Bray).
LOCAL XPRESS' BEST OF 2016: The Spanish Tragedy
Arden (Outstanding New Script by a Nova Scotian Playwright: Dan Bray), The Duchess of Malfi, (Outstanding Production by an Emerging Company; Outstanding Original Score: Tamsin Michael Robson). 
MERRITT AWARD NOMINEE 2014: The Roaring Girl (Outstanding Original Score: Jenny Trites).
MERRITT AWARD NOMINEE 2013: The Jew of Malta (Outstanding Original Score: Garry Williams).
THE COAST'S TOP PLAYS OF 2014: Gallathea "Sometimes a play just makes your heart sing, and this 16th-century script did that for me. It was beautifully staged and filled with memorable, quirky performances. It conveyed a simple but important message: love is love."
THE COAST'S TOP PLAYS OF 2013: The Roaring Girl "An original take on a 17th century comedy with original music and a feminist bent? Yes please!"
THE COAST'S TOP PLAY OF 2012: Kill Shakespeare "This was a unique theatre experience...[an] engaging storyline coupled with an intriguing format"