A new play by Dan Bray, directed by Burgandy Code

The Villains Theatre is seeking submissions of interest for an original drama, Deepwater,
which will be taking place at the Bus Stop Theatre Cooperative, March 12-17, 2024. We
are looking for performers from all backgrounds and genders who can realistically
embody characters 35-45 years of age. This project is open to CAEA and non-CAEA

Audition times: Auditions will take place in 20 minute slots on Saturday Sept 16 –

We are asking for auditionees to prepare sides from the script. There is NO requirement
for the sides to be memorized in advance — on-book is fine! Please prepare according to
your comfort level.

Auditions will take place at the Eastern Front Theatre Boardroom, which is on the
second floor of the Alderney Landing Ferry Terminal. The space is wheelchair accessible
via the elevator.

Auditions will take place in-person; however if you are unable to make the audition dates
or cannot attend in person for accessibility reasons, we will accept virtual submissions
as well.

By auditioning, you are confirming that you are available for:
October 2-8, 2023: 4-5 workshop days (likely 10am-6pm)
February 19-March 11, 2024: Four weeks of rehearsal
(Rehearsals will be 30 hours per week, likely 10am-4pm Mon-Fri, and may increase
slightly during tech week/the final week of rehearsals.)
March 12-17, 2024: One week run with nightly performances and weekend matinees

Payment: Performers will be paid $900/week for 1 week of workshop, 4 weeks of
rehearsal, and 1 week of performance, for a total of $6,400 (HST included). CAEA
members’ fees will be subject to standard CAEA deductions.

Roles available:
May Fitzgerald, (35-45, female): former marine biologist from rural Nova Scotia; intellectual, introspective, mercurial; has a deeply complicated relationship with her elderly mother and her young daughter. Questa Edgett, (35-45, female): police detective from rural Nova Scotia; curious,
observant, professional; loves drawing others out of their shells, perhaps sharper than she
lets on.
Casper Collins, (35-45, male*): former marine biologist, current high school teacher;
funny, caring, conflicted; very close to his daughter, prioritizes his family above all.

*The Villains Theatre encourages individuals to apply for whichever character they
feel comfortable embodying onstage.

About the play:
Deepwater is a new drama by Villains Artistic Director Dan Bray. It tells the story of May
Fitzgerald – a reclusive marine biologist whose husband and daughter have both gone
missing – and Questa Edgett – a police detective tasked with sorting through the debris of
the mystery. As Questa learns more about May’s bizarre homelife, she quickly realizes
that there is more happening underneath the surface – both with May’s marriage to
Casper and her relationship to their daughter Lucy – than she could ever hope to
understand. Deepwater figuratively and conceptually juxtaposes the stark, snow-covered
Nova Scotian countryside with the glittering ocean-world to tell Questa and May’s story.
The play also uses underwater imagery – primarily the octopus and the anglerfish – to
paint an unusual and disturbing physical representation of grief and loss. On the surface,
it is a play about the unknowable nature of life and relationships, but at its core,
Deepwater is an exploration of three parents and the often-problematic connections they
can have with their children, as well as a world so bizarre and unknowable that it gives us
creatures as miraculous as the octopus – brilliant, yet deceptive – as well as the black
seadevil anglerfish – forsaken, yet misunderstood. As in real life, the play forgoes simple
answers, instead exploring how we react when confronted with darkness. Through this
challenging yet surprisingly playful story, Deepwater highlights the various ways that we –
like much deep-sea life – are able to create our own light when we are the most lost.

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