DINOSTORIES comes to Antigonish!

The Villains Theatre is coming back to Antigonish for a very special presentation of Dinostories: 3 Prehistoric Fairy Tales, performed and written by Noella Murphy & Dan Bray, with original music by Justin Gregg & Ranke de Vries! Join us at Big Barn Little Farm (717 Meadowgreen Rd, St Andrews) on June 29th for this hilarious family musical!

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Did you know that dinosaurs ate porridge? Or lived at the top of beanstalks?? Or wore your grandma’s pajamas??? It’s all true! Join us for Dinostories and hear the most exciting secrets and stories of the prehistoric era!

Dinostories is an hour-long play with music that mixes three traditional fairy tales with dinosaurs! Nominated for Children’s Entertainer of the Year by the East Coast Music Awards (with Bingly & the Rogues, 2023), and co-written by award-winning playwright Dan Bray and Noella Murphy, Dinostories will have you tapping your feet and humming along to this musical, comic, prehistoric extravaganza. It debuted at Festival Antigonish Summer Theatre (2022), and has since played to sold out audiences at the Halifax Fringe, Eastern Front Theatre’s Stages Festival, Kings Theatre (Annapolis Royal), and the Chester Playhouse!

This show is designed for kids 3-10(ish), as well as the the young-at-heart!