This production is not intended for young children and may deal with the sort of violent subject matter one would expect from the Brothers Grimm and the sass and wordplay one would expect from Dan Bray. The play is a comedy and the tone is very light.

Topics portrayed in the play include: cannibalism, abandonment of children, people burning alive, luring and deceiving children, death from starvation, hunger, discovery of corpses, binge-eating, weight gain from binge-eating, and being lost in a forest.

Topics referenced in the play include:  necrophilia, starvation, individuals magically changing form, the death of horses and the processing/boiling down of their hooves, burning at the stake, force-feeding, and the phrase "birth-strangled babe".

If you have any concerns or questions, or if you would like to chat about the content of the play, please reach out to info@villainstheatre.com.