The Villain's Theatre presents a high-energy comedy about greed - cut through with a modern cry against misogyny. When a woman is put on trial for attempted murder, the people around her conspire and warp the truth to suit their own ends. A site-specific courtroom menagerie, Fox restores a voice that has been silenced for hundreds of years, refocusing the lens of an uproarious farce to remember the women who have been left behind.


"... a visually extreme, bedazzled, intense, new twist on Ben Jonson’s Volpone in a 70-minute drama" - NS Reviews


Written by Dan Bray, Colleen MacIsaac, and Kathryn McCormack
Director: Kathryn McCormack
Assistant Director: Kathryn Reeves
Stage Manager: Patricia Vinluan
Make-up Designer: Madeleine Tench
Costume Designer: Kaelen MacDonald
Lighting Designer: Vicky Williams

the CAST

Dan Bray: Corvino
Nick Cox: Avocatori
Stepheny Hunter: Corbacci
Lara Lewis: Voltora
Colleen MacIsaac: Celia
Jessica Oliver: Mosca