a chaste maid in cheapside

A Chaste Maid in Cheapside explores how one instance of true love can turn a community upside down.

Syphilitic knights, virile charlatans, and impotent aristocrats make this one of the most popular comedies of the Renaissance stage.

This play was staged in repertory along with The Revenger’s Tragedy in February 2011 at the Bus Stop Theatre.


“The atmosphere at the Bus Stop Theatre just hums
with energy and youthful high spirits…”
-The Coast


Written by Thomas Middleton
Director: Dorian Lang
Assistant Director: Colleen MacIsaac
Stage Manager: Tessa Pekeles
Music Director: Mike Chandler
Set and Props: Taylor Dyon
Lighting Designer: Matthew Downey

the CAST

Heather Beresford: Dry Nurse, Woman,  2nd Gossip
Mike Chandler: Sir Oliver Kix
Tarah Lee Coates: Susan Dahumma
Rebecca Currie Morrison: Mistress Touchwood
Andrew Davies: Gentleman, 2nd Promoter, 1st Waterman
Edward Finigan: Sir Walter Whorehound
Eric Fitzpatrick: Tim
Kaleigh Fleming: Moll
Juliana Fombona: Wet Nurse
Ira Henderson: Touchwood Sr
Alison House: Welsh Gentlewoman
Padraigh MacDonald: Touchwood Jr
Keith Morrison: Allwit
Chris O’Neill: Porter, Wat, Man, Parson, 2nd Waterman
Matthew Peach: Nick, the Tutor, 1st Waterman
Jesse Robb: Mr Yellowhammer
Claire St Francois: Maudlin
Schoel Strang: Mistress Allwit
Chloe Sullivan: Wench, 2nd Puritan
Carolyn Thomas: 2nd Servant, 1st Puritan
Zara Tufts: 1st Servant, Jugg, 1st Gossip
Jennette White: Lady Kix

photos by Clare Waque