the yorkshire tragedy


A Yorkshire Tragedy is a haunting drama written by Thomas Middleton. It is considered by many as one of the finest one-act tragedies in early-modern drama. This relentless, violent story of one man’s fall includes gambling addiction, domestic abuse, and demonic possession.

Returning director Dorian Lang (A Chaste Maid in Cheapside) brought this tragedy, based on real events that ignited 17th-century England, to the Bus Stop Theatre from June 19-24, 2012.


Written by Thomas Middleton
Director: Dorian Lang
Assistant Director: Claire St Francois
Kayleigh Sheehan: Stage Manager
Michael Robson: Music Director/Musician
Elise Sinclair: Costume Designer
Tessa Pekeles: Dramaturge, Props
Matthew Downey: Lighting Designer
Taylor Andrews: Scenic Carpenter
David Rossetti: Fight Director


the CAST

Shawn Duggan: Knight, 1st Gentleman
Ailsa Galbreath: Maid
Michael Gaty: 3rd Gentleman, 2nd Sercant, Officer
Daniel Gervais: The Master, 1st Servant
Ira Henderson: Lusty Servant, 2nd German, Officer
Aiden Mealey: Son
Scott Mealey: Husband
Sarah Vanasse: Wife



"...a fast-paced blood bath with some mesmerizing performances and directed beautifully in the round by Dorian Lang....A Yorkshire Tragedy is a fascinating and unusual piece of theatre history presented in a way that feels quite sleek and modern"

-Amanda Campbell, The Way I See It

photos by Ashley Marie Pike