Based on a real-life scandal, Arden remains one of the most entertaining Elizabethan crime-dramas of all time.

A new adaptation of an anonymous tragicomedy, Arden follows an unfaithful wife as she convinces a greedy lover, a nervous servant, a mysterious painter, and a vicious cutthroat to take her husband down. But as the schemes get more and more complicated and the would-be killers grow more and more desperate, the play hurtles towards an inevitable – and bizarre – conclusion. Think Renaissance Fargo.

Artistic Director Dan Bray reshaped this infamous tale of lust, greed, and paranoia for the Halifax stage, creating a breathless, new adaptation staged in the shadowy recesses of the historic Keith’s Brewery.


“Delightfully ghoulish”
– Alexander Quon, These Words of Mine

“a stunning and triumphant theatrical experience!”


Adaptor/Director: Dan Bray
Costume Designer: Jordyn Bochon
Assistant Director: Sarah Deller
Lighting Designer: Matthew Downey
Production Manager: Colleen MacIsaac
Stage Manager: Tessa Pekeles
Assistant Stage Manager: Jessy Matthews
Fight Coach: David Rossetti
Composer: Garry Williams

the CAST

Daniel Gervais: Franklin
Ira Henderson: Mosbie
Keelin Jack: Alice Arden
Miranda Jones: Susan
Sébastien Labelle: Thomas Arden
Colleen MacIsaac: Black Wil
Gordon White: Shakebag


November 17-22, 2015

Created with the support of Arts Nova Scotia and Theatre Nova Scotia.

photos by Ashley Marie Pike