Deepwater (2024)
Set in the rural Hants County, Nova Scotia, Deepwater follows police inspector Questa as she investigates a strange and inexplicable tragedy involving May - a reclusive marine biologist - and her young daughter. At its core, this bold new work questions the unknowable nature of life and relationships as two mothers strive to navigate a world so bizarre that it gives us creatures like the octopus - brilliant, yet deceptive - as well as the anglerfish - forsaken, yet misunderstood. Through this raw, challenging, and hopeful story, Deepwater explores the various ways that we - like much deep-sea life - must create our own light when we feel the most lost.


Written by Dan Bray
Directed by Burgandy Code
Assistant Direction by Colleen MacIsaac
Stage Managed by Virg Iredale
Sound Design by Jackon Fairfax-Perry
Scenic Design by Katrin Whitehead
Costume Design by Noella Murphy
Lighting Design by Vicky William
Accessibility Coordination by Sara Graham
Production Management by Olivia Rankin
Dramaturgy by Jackie Torrens
Projection Design by Mackenzie Cornfield
Intimacy Coordination by Koumbie
Production Assistance by Laura Spencer


Chris George as Casper
Liliona Quarmyne as Questa
Amy Reitsma as May


This project was made possible by Arts Nova Scotia, Canada Council for the Arts, Playwrights Atlantic Resource Centre, the Government of Canada’s Community Services Recovery Fund, and our sponsors Rosie Porter Realtor and Websavers Web Hosting!

Screenshot 2023-09-06 at 3.46.54 PM

photos by James MacLean