Dinostories: 3 Prehistoric Fairy Tales




Did you know that dinosaurs ate porridge? Or lived at the top of beanstalks?? Or liked wearing your grandma’s pajamas??? It’s all true! Join our super special theatrical presentation for tiny geniuses and their families, and hear the most exciting secrets and stories of the prehistoric era! Dinostories has something for storytellers and explorers of all ages!

Dinostories opened Festival Antigonish Summer Theatre's 2022 season, and went on to tour at the Halifax Fringe Festival! This show is available for touring and is perfect for kids from 3-10!


Created by Dan Bray and Noella Murphy
Production Assistance by Geordie Hemlow
Music by Justin Gregg and Ranke de Vries
Sound Design by Justin Gregg
Costume Design by Beth Bray, Dan Bray, and Noella Murphy
Produced by Colleen MacIsaac

Dan Bray as Professor Glasses
Noella Murphy as Dina O'Saurus



Nominated for a 2023 East Coast Music Award!


Photos by Ashley Pettipas & Stoo Metz. Graphic design by Dan Bray.

photos by Stoo Metz, graphic design by Colleen MacIsaac