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Come see the world-famous medium and self-professed clairvoyant, Gunter Buxtehude, as he opens the veil between this world and the next via his audience’s personal heirlooms. But be careful, for you may discover something ominous in the dust of your relics. Follow Me is a postmodern ghost story, inspired by some of the Renaissance’s greatest scenes of horror.

Follow Me’s workshop performance premiered at the Atlantic Fringe Festival in 2015 and was selected for ReFringed in 2016.

“Bray plays Buxtehude with great comic sensibility and banter with the audience. Colleen MacIsaac gives a lovely performance as Ria… The relationship between Buxtehude and Ria builds the tension of the play nicely, is rooted in the play’s silliness, but also manages to have nuance and subtext.

Follow Me is very funny and very ghosty. It’s a lovely Fringe offering from the Villains. “

-Amanda Campbell, The Coast


Dan Bray as Gunter Buxtehude
Colleen MacIsaac as Ria MacNamara

the CAST

Director: Daniel Gervais
Playwright: Dan Bray
Production Manager: Colleen MacIsaac

Sponsored by Websavers Inc, supported by the Theatre Nova Scotia partnership program.



Audience comments:
“Hilarious and scary”

“A perfect blend of ethereal and comedy. Villains Theatre will creep you out.”

photos by Daniel Gervais