A queer comedy with monsters, lovers, and disguises.

Inspiring later plays by Shakespeare such as Twelfth Night and A Midsummer Night’s Dream, John Lyly treads where the Bard never dared in this surprisingly modern and daring play from 1588.

This joyous celebration of love premiered at the Bus Stop Theatre in November 2014.



Playwright: John Lyly
Director: Colleen MacIsaac
Assistant Director/Set & Lighting Designer: Matthew Downey
Stage Manager: Tessa Pekeles
Costume Designer: Jordyn Bochon
Composer/Accompanist: Jenny Trites
Producer: Dan Bray

the CAST

Jessica Barry: Venus/Telusa
Sarah-Jean Begin: Phillida
Jozel Bennett: Melebeus/Eurota
Dan Bray: Rafe/Neptune
Shanlon Gilbert: Gallathea
James McLean: Cupid/Peter
Melanie Patten: Diana/Mariner/Hebe
Jesse Robb: Tyterus/Alchemist/Astronomer


"One of the top plays of 2014" – The Coast

“Sometimes a play just makes your heart sing, and this 16th-century script did that for me. It was beautifully staged and filled with memorable, quirky performances. It conveyed a simple but important message: love is love.” - Kate Watson, The Coast


Supported by the City of Halifax.

photos by Ashley Marie Pike