International Waters


Welcome to "The Best Little Horror-House in Texas": the Maritimes' 14th Favourite Haunted House - now open all year round! When Lizzy Godiva gets hired at this bizarre tourist trap, she has no idea that she'll 1) become the unwitting target of a local serial killer, 2) take it upon herself to bring them to justice, or 3) be working with the weirdest group of oddballs this side of the harbour.


Directed by Dorian Lang
Written by Dan Bray
Photos by Stoo Metz

the CAST

Chris Bolton as Kevin
Graham Bolton as Dagmar Vermouth
Trisha Dhar Malik as Lizzy
Rooks Field-Green as Elijah
Cat McCluskey as River

Halifax Fringe Festival Hot Ticket Award Winner!

photos by Stoo Metz, graphic design by Colleen MacIsaac