Knight of the bat 2: act of the assemblers

KOB2 poster
It's the sequel this universe deserves...
Playwright/playboy Will Shakespeare - AKA the courageous Knight of the Bat - is about to square off his greatest foe to date: writing a sequel! Unsure of his place in the world, Shakespeare travels the Multi-Spheres, only to land in the Marvellous Theatrical Universe, one ruled by the Assemblers™: a mysterious team of superheroes dedicated to protecting the Realm and producing as much content as possible. Will the Knight of the Bat fit into a new franchise? Is there more to the Assemblers than meets the eye?? Can a sequel ever top the original??? Let's find out!


Written and Directed by Dan Bray
Stage Management by Hope MacPherson
Costumes by Noella Murphy and Dan Bray
Sound Design by Colleen MacIsaac

Rooks Field-Green as Richard Masters / Bloodletter, the Puffin
Ira Henderson as Will Shakespeare / Knight of the Bat
Rachel Lloyd as Robin Goodfellow
Colleen MacIsaac as Alfreda Halfpenny
Stoo Metz as Walter Raleigh / Man-of-War
Leah Pritchard
as Susan Hyde / Quickchange, King Jame
Jacob Sampson as Guy Fawkes / Horsepower
Liliona Quarmyne as Cleopatra


Winner of the "Hot Ticket Award" at the Halifax Fringe Festival!

photos by Annie Bower and James MacLean, graphic design by Dan Bray