Madsummer: a sci-fi karaoke musical

Madsummer Poster
After getting lost in the forest, lovers Ramona and Seymour find themselves in the House of Dr Dream: a deranged sleep scientist who believes that the best hits of the '80s can be used to usher forth the Greek Gods and - perhaps - even the end of the world.
Inspired by A Midsummer Night's Dream - not to mention Rocky Horror Picture Show (and yes, perhaps, just a tiiiiny dash of Mamma Mia!) - this radical, new, balls-to-the-wall staged reading is the perfect way to kick off the Halloween Season - not to mention, honour the best band of the 1980s... Tears for Fears ("Everybody Wants to Rule the World", "Mad World")!


Writing, Direction, Video Editing, and Graphic Design by  by Dan Bray
Musical Direction by Nick Cox
Associate Production by Rooks Field-Green
Lighting Design by Amelia George
Sound Design by Colleen MacIsaac
Photos by Stoo Metz
Costumes by Noella Murphy

Mallory Amirault as Seymour
Andrew Chandler as Doctor Dream
Nick Cox as J.A.Ck
Audrey Eastwood as Bobbi
Raeesa Lalani as Agent Strauss
Noella Murphy as Ellen
Jessica Oliver
as Ramona
and Colleen MacIsaac as "The Narrator"

The Villains Theatre would like to note that though our show title came from a portmanteau of the Tears for Fears song “Mad World” and the title of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, we want to recognize that the title may have hurt members of the Mad community. This was generously brought to our attention, but it was too late for us to change the title of the show. We are profoundly sorry for any pain we have caused. For more information on the Mad Pride movement and its history, please visit the following links:

photos by Stoo Metz, graphic design by Colleen MacIsaac & Dan Bray