Shakespeare's Time Machine


"The plague's the thing... that we're trying to cure!"
Join Shakespeare on a wild journey through time so he can beat the pandemic and reopen the theatres! Not inspired by any modern viruses.

New comedy by The Villains Theatre's artistic director Dan Bray (Hansel und Gretel in: der Garten von Edible Horrors: a Terrible Parable, Zomblet), Shakespeare's Time Machine follows the immortal bard as he struggles to understand his place in a post-plague world. When he stumbles upon a time machine, he decides to travel through history and find a way to end the pandemic and reopen the playhouses. Shakespeare's Time Machine is an exploration of responsibility and empathy in the wake of a global disaster - told with a huge dose of humour and wit.

Shakespeare's Time Machine premiered as part of the 2021 Stages Festival at Eastern Front Theatre.


Written by Dan Bray
Directed by Dan Bray and Becca Wolfe
Stage Management by Anna Shepherd and Lucas Arab
Projection Design by Dan Bray, Colleen MacIsaac, and Anna Shepherd
Sound Design by Keith Morrison
Costume Design by Noella Murphy
Puppets by Laura Stinson

Dan Bray as William Shakespeare
Trisha Dhar Malik as Judith Shakespeare/Typhoid Mary/Ensemble
Ira Henderson as Lord Cromwell/Ensemble
Michael Kamras as Christopher Marlowe/Ensemble
Lara Lewis as Marie Curie/John Fletcher/Jesus/Ensemble
Rachel Lloyd as Steve Jobs/Francis Beaumont/Ensemble
Colleen MacIsaac as Prologue/Karen/Ensemble
Mahya Tench as Teddy the Cat

"Clever and uproarious, Shakespeare’s Time Machine is an amazing meld of Shakespearean and more modern times [...]  The one-liners, word-play and references go by so fast it’s hard to keep up with Bray’s pen [...] The tremendous energy and stamina and comic awareness [...] is impressive. [... A] mad, manic vision with a fast pace and furious energy."

- Elissa Bernard, NS Reviews

Photos by Daniel Wittnebel

photos by Stoo Metz, graphic design by Colleen MacIsaac