The Duchess of Malfi


“Powerful performances, gorgeous costumes, haunting play” -The Coast


Choreographer: Holly Arsenault
Director: Dan Bray
Costume Designer: Jordyn Bochon
Set & Lighting Designer: Matthew Downey
Assistant Director: Daniel Gervais
Production Manager: Colleen MacIsaac
Stage Manager: Tessa Pekeles
Composer/Accompanist: Tamsin Robson
Fight Coach: David Rossetti
Playwright: John Webster

the CAST

Fiona Forsythe: The Child
Daniel Gervais: Ferdinand
Rachel Hastings: Julia
Ira Henderson: The Cardinal
Dorian Lang: Castruccio
Margaret Legere: The Duchess
Colleen MacIsaac: Delio
James MacLean: Antonio
Leah Pritchard: Cariola
David Rossetti: Bosola


In 2015, The Villains Theatre returned to the play that started it all – The Duchess of Malfi, bringing it to the Halifax stage as part of the Villain’s 5th year anniversary season. Equal parts romance, political thriller, and bloodbath, Webster’s drama tells the story of a headstrong duchess who secretly marries her steward, despite her brothers’ warnings. This simple act engenders a series of horrifying revenges, each more terrible than the last. Spies and murderers. Ghosts and madmen. Orphans and widows. As decadence cycles into ruin, few will escape from Malfi.

photos by Emily Jewer