The Jew of Malta

The Jew of Malta is a stark tragicomedy by Christopher Marlowe about a merchant who swears revenge on the Christian government that exploits him.

The Jew of Malta ran in repertory with Edward II in February 2012 at the Bus Stop Theatre and  was produced with the support of the Nova Scotia Department of Communities, Culture, and Heritage.



Director: Dan Bray
Assistant Director: Colleen MacIsaac
Stage Manager: Alison House
Assistant Stage Manager: Courtney Lair
Music Director: Garry Williams
Costume Designer: Christine Daniels
Lighting Designer: Matthew Downey
Dramaturge: Tessa Pekeles
Fight Coach: David Rossetti

the CAST

Holly Arsenault: Ferneze
Pasha Ebrahimi: Knight of Malta
Eric Fitzpatrick: Ithamore
Ira Henderson: Friar Jacomo
Ben Irvine: Don Mathias
Megan Kendall: Martine Del Bosco
Emma Laishram: Callapine
Shawn Maggio: Selim Calymath
Keith Morrison: Friar Barnardine
Nicole O’Connor: Pilia-Borza
Ashley Marie Pike: Abigail
Jesse Robb: Barabas
Schoel Strang: Bellamira
Dana Thompson: Katharine, Abbess
Jonny Thompson: Don Lodowick

photos by Clare Waque