The Maid's Tragedy



Director: Dan Bray
Assistant Director/Production Manager: Colleen MacIsaac
Stage Manager: Alison House
Assistant Stage Manager: Denton Froese
Choreographer: Holly Arsenault
Set and Lighting Designer: Matthew Downey
Costume Designer: Jordyn Bochon
Musical Director/Composer/Accompanist: Tamsin Robson
Accompanist: Roberta Wallace
Props: Tessa Pekeles

Playwrights: Francis Beaumont & John Fletcher

the CAST

Holly Arsenault: Aspatia
Christine Daniels: Cynthia
Matthew Downey: Strato
Daniel Gervais: Melantius
Andrew Gutho: Lysippus
Maggie Hammel: Evadne
Ira Henderson: Amintor
Jim Lindsey: Calianax
Colleen MacIsaac: Dula
Elizabeth McCarthy: Olympias
Melanie Patten: Diagoras
Lise Renault: Night
Jesse Robb: King
Emma Ross: Neptune
Jenny Trites: Aeolus

photos by Ashley Marie Pike