The Roaring Girl: A New Musical

In the winter of 2013, VPT brought Halifax you a new musical adaptation of Middleton and Dekker’s comedy, The Roaring Girl.

The Roaring Girl tells the story of the real-life character Mary Frith, or “Moll Cutpurse.” This smoking, drinking, cursing woman who wore pants and spoke her mind baffled the community of early 17th Century London.

The Roaring Girl was presented thanks to the Neptune Theatre Open Spaces program.


“Fun, funny and feminist, this new play is a roaring good time.” – The Coast


Director: Dan Bray
Assistant Director/Choreographer: Holly Arsenault
Musical Director: Emily Shute
Composer/Accompanist: Jenny Trites
Stage Manager: Alison House
Production Stage Manager: Tessa Pekeles
Assistant Stage Manager: Eric Fitzpatrick
Lighting Designer: Matthew Downey
Costume Designer: Jordyn Bochon
Production Manager: Colleen MacIsaac
Set Designer: Dorian Lang
Props: Taylor Dyon
Fight Coach: David Rossetti

Playwrights: Thomas Dekker & Thomas Middleton


the CAST

Kristi Anderson: Mistress Gallipot
Francesca Barnett-Cowan: Mistress Openwork
Clara Bullock: Mary Fitzallard
Mike Chandler: Master Tiltyard
Pasha Ebrahimi: Sir Davy Dapper
Zach Faye: Goshawk
Eric Fitzpatrick: Neatfoot
Daniel Gervais: Laxton
Henricus Gielis: Jack Dapper
Kyle Gillis: Master Gallipot
Ira Henderson: Ralph Trapdoor
Karen Lizotte: Moll Cutpurse
Colleen MacIsaac: Mistress Tiltyard
Keith Morrison: Master Openwork
Jolene Pattison: Lady Fitzallard
Jesse Robb: Greenwit
Michael Robson: Sebastian Wengrave
Garry Williams: Sir Alexander Wengrave

photos by Ashley Marie Pike