women beware women



Directed by Keelin Jack
Assistant Directed by Sarah Deller
Stage Management by Tessa Pekeles
Lighting and Set Design by Matthew Downey
Produced by Dan Bray and Colleen MacIsaac

the CAST

Kristi Anderson: the Widow
Lou Campbell: Isabella
Sarah Deller: Hippolito
Luciana Fernandes: Bianca
Maggie Hammel: Livia
Colleen MacIsaac: the Cardinal
Mark Penny: the Ward/Sordido
Nick Perron: the Duke
Ashley Marie Pike: Leantio
Jesse Robb: Fabritio


A sharp, ruthless, power trip of a play – picture a feminist Taming of the Shrew that unravels into Titus Andronicus – with a fast-paced narrative that leaves very few standing and no one looking good.

photos by Zach Faye