A Villains' Christmas Carol: The Revenge of Tiny Tim

The Villains Christmas Carol (1)
Think you know the full story? Think again.
Stirred to action by ol' billionaire Scrooge's selfish ways, London's favourite ragamuffin - Tiny Tim - sells his soul to the devil to get revenge! A hilarious, irreverent retelling of the holiday classic, told in the true Villainous style: packed full of heart and cheek. Come rediscover Charles Dickens' immortal story, reimagined by Dan Bray (Zomblet, Knight of the Bat, Hansel und Gretel, International Waters).


Written and directed by Dan Bray
Production assistance by Frisia Li
Sound Design by Colleen MacIsaac

Moneesha "Misha" Bakshi" as The Ghost of Christmas Presents / Jacob Marley / Ensemble
Dan Bray as Ebenezer Scrooge
Sara Graham as Bob Cratchit
Taryn Hanrahan as Emily Cratchit / Shaker Egg / Ensemble
Brittany Kamras as The Ghost of Christmas Past / Ensemble
Colleen MacIsaac
as Tiny Tim
Charla Williams as Carol


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photos by Stoo Metz
graphic design by Dan Bray