One Hallowe'en season, things in Elsinore got bloodier, stranger, and spookier than ever before. Award-winning playwright Dan Bray directed this zombified adaptation of the Shakespearean classic, Hamlet, with an ensemble company of talented Nova Scotian artists, in co-production with Terra Novella Theatre, playing at the Bus Stop Theatre Oct 2019.

Zomblet's comedic adaptation takes the world-famous script through a wild ride full of hilarity and horror. In the wake of his father's bizarre death, Hamlet and his Danish friends are confronted with a new evil bent on destroying the kingdom. With the help of some Marlovian professionals, Hamlet and his fellow tragedians must get their doublets dirty in order to restore the kingdom and defeat this unholy plague.


Written and Directed by Dan Bray
Assistant Direction and Choreography by Rebecca Wolfe
Stage Management by Chelsea Dickie
Assistant Stage Management by Kirsten Luella Bruce
Production Management and Sound Design by Colleen MacIsaac
Production Apprentice Amelia George
Costumes by Noella Murphy
Lighting Design and Musical Score by Nick Cox (with Jordan Ginn)
Set Design and Fight Direction by Audrey Eastwood
Props by Zach Greenham
Magic Consultation by Vincenzo Ravina

the CAST

Katerina Bakolias as Marcellus + Doctor Faustus
Nick Cox as Hamlet
Audrey Eastwood as Ophelia
Michael Kamras as Claudius
Lara Lewis as Gertrude + Mephistopheles
Colleen MacIsaac as Horatio + Bernardo
Jessica Oliver as Rosencrantz + Francisco
Melanie Patten as Polonius
Madeleine Tench as Guildenstern + Gravedigger

“Irreverant, funny and far cleverer than it has any right to be” ...Zomblet adds up to a fun night out this spooky season.” -Halifax Presents