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Theatre that deserves to be seen
“I was riveted by the dark and blood-thirsty machinations, which are served up with a healthy dose of humour” “Creative and effective staging and eye-popping costumes” 
“A cracking good production…..riveting….sets the focus on language and great performancesKate Watson, The Coast
Powerfulidiosyncratic and gut-wrenching” – Michael Lake, The Coast
Delightfully ghoulish” – Alexander Quon, These Words of Mine Blog


Innovative” “The cast’s enthusiasm, the flamboyant costumes, and the richness of the text make it worth a trip to catch the performance” -Elissa Barnard, The Chronicle Herald

mesmerizing performances….directed beautifully….captivating to watch”
a fascinating and unusual piece of theatre history presented in a way that feels quite sleek and modern and boasts of some terrific performances
“It’s no secret that “the theatre” has had trouble over the last century shaking its wildly inaccurate reputation of being elitist, pretentious, irrelevant, solemn and dull. I wish that everyone who holds this opinion could head over to the Bus Stop Theatre and check out Vile Passéist Theatre’s production of Ben Jonson’s Bartholomew Fair, because it really captures the bawdy, joyful, cheeky and wild spiritof the days when theatres were centers of popular entertainment for the masses where frivolity and lasciviousness ran rampant.” -Amanda Campbell, The Way I See It theatre blog (


LOCAL XPRESS’ BEST OF 2016: The Spanish Tragedy “Thomas Kyd’s 16th-century revenge tragedy, set during the Spanish Civil War in the Villains Theatre’s production, was almost unbearably contemporary as men of unremitting evil plotted against their pure-of-heart brethren, carrying out heinous deeds without the slightest hesitation. Directed with precision […] The motives and intentions in the play were effervescently clear, the characters deftly drawn.”
Arden (Outstanding New Script by a Nova Scotian Playwright: Dan Bray), The Duchess of Malfi, (Outstanding Production by an Emerging Company; Outstanding original score: Michael Robson), Outstanding original score: Michael Robson)  
MERRITT AWARD NOMINEE 2014: The Roaring Girl (outstanding original score: Jenny Trites) 
MERRITT AWARD NOMINEE 2013: The Jew of Malta (outstanding original score: Garry Williams) 
THE COAST‘S TOP PLAYS OF 2014: Gallathea “Sometimes a play just makes your heart sing, and this 16th-century script did that for me. It was beautifully staged and filled with memorable, quirky performances. It conveyed a simple but important message: love is love.” 
THE COAST‘S TOP PLAYS OF 2013: The Roaring Girl “An original take on a 17th century comedy with original music and a feminist bent? Yes please!” 
THE COAST‘S TOP PLAY OF 2012: Kill Shakespeare “This was a unique theatre experience…[an] engaging storyline coupled with an intriguing format” 
THE CHRONICLE HERALD‘S TOP PLAY OF 2012: Kill Shakespeare “two independent Halifax theatre companies [VPT and Lions Den] brought an epic action story of Shakespearean superheroes alive as if it were a movie but used radio drama techniques” 


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Photo: the cast of The Maid’s Tragedy. Photo: Ashley Marie Pike.