Vile Passéist Theatre is now The Villain’s Theatre

Five years ago, Vile Passéist Theatre was created out of a love for the heightened-language texts of the Renaissance, a passion for overlooked and neglected works, and the excitement of collaborating with talented ensemble casts. Our focused mandate of staging early-modern, non-Shakespearean plays has provided us with a launchpad to begin our journey as a company, inspiring us through a dozen productions.

This winter, we are evolving. In 2009, we began VPT with the Renaissance’s most haunting tragedy: The Duchess of Malfi. Now, we return to Webster’s dark and illuminating script as we are reborn into the next stage of our development: The Villain’s Theatre.

We have always been driven by a fascination with the vile, the passéist, the marginalized and forgotten. The Villain’s Theatre will take what VPT has built over the past five years and expand upon it, drawing inspiration from the early-modern plays that we love while looking to see how they can inspire new works, continually exploring our past to discover our future.

This is the beginning of an exciting new era for the company, and The Duchess of Malfi is the perfect show to launch the new and heightened vision. Come visit us at The Bus Stop Theatre, February 25 – March 1, and discover The Villain’s Theatre.