VPT is excited to announce our 2014-2015 season!

Vile Passéist Theatre presents our first fringe show! In the Telling will also be the first show ever to tour to all three Maritime Fringe Festivals! We perform in Charlottetown’s Island Fringe, St. John’s Fundy Fringe, and Halifax’s Atlantic Fringe this summer.

Sorcerery, spirits, and song collide in this fantastic tangle of a tale. When three young adventurers lose their way in the forest, they become part of a much larger story that may finally lead them to their quarry: the White Bear of the Woods. This is VPT’s first full adaptation of a comedy over 400 years old. A story about family, magic, fools, and loyalty, we hope you’ll catch us in our first ever tour! Directed by Dorian Lang with original music by Jenny Trites.


Monsters. Lovers. Crossdressing. Need we say more?
Inspiring later plays by Shakespeare such as Twelfth Night and A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Lyly treads where the Bard never dared in this surprisingly modern and daring play from 1588. Love comes in many forms, and this joyous celebration of love will be lighting up the Bus Stop Theatre stage this November, as the first VPT show helmed by our executive director, Colleen MacIsaac, with design by the critically-lauded, award-winning lighting and set designer, Matthew Downey.

The winter of 2015 will see a return to a familiar play. Due to popular demand, VPT is remounting the harrowing tragedy, The Duchess of Malfi, for the Halifax stage as part of our 5th year anniversary season.

Equal parts romance, political drama, and bloodbath, Webster’s drama tells the story of a headstrong duchess who secretly marries her steward, despite her brothers’ warnings. This simple act inadvertently engenders a series of horrifying revenges, each more terrible than the last. Spies and murderers. Ghosts and madmen. Orphans and widows. Few will escape from Malfi.

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