From the Rose to the Grave – a Villainous Murder Mystery


May 30, 1593
Christopher Marlowe, the playwright whose “mighty line” changed the English theatre, has just been murdered. The story is being spread that Ingram Frizer stabbed him in Deptford, but a select few know the truth: he was murdered at his own playhouse, the Rose Theatre in Bankside. And though the group of his ten closest friends and allies may be mourning his death, the murderer is most certainly among their ranks. Join the Villains in a night of mystery as these chosen ten clash wits, seeking to discover: WHO KILLED CHRISTOPHER MARLOWE?

This special event – held at a beautiful (if spooky) restored church in Musquodoboit Harbour – is being held to raise money for our production of Women Beware Women. Book your spot now by emailing! Click here for more info!