Hänsel und Gretel in: der Garten von Edible Horrors: a terrible parable

Copy of Hansel

You are invited on a bittersweet adventure with your two favourite German mooches: Hänsel und Gretel. Join them on a Grimm journey around the bonfire, through the Black Forest, and into the succulent heart of evil itself. This pitch-black comedy from Dan Bray, the Villainous writer who brought you 'Zomblet', along with puppets from the incomparable North Barn Theatre ('Troubling Joy', 'Late Night Radio'), is sure to delight, entertain, and possibly even spook. 🔥🔥🔥🔥


Written and Directed by Dan Bray
Production Assistance by Madeleine Tench and Frisia Li
Production Management by Colleen MacIsaac
Props, Music, and Puppets by Ian MacFarlane and Laura Stinson
Photos by Frisia Li

the CAST

Colleen MacIsaac as Hansel
Rachel Lloyd as Gretel
Noella Murphy as Ingo/Buket
Dorian Lang as Walpurga/Helmut
& Madeleine Tench as Grampa Storyman

photos by Stoo Metz, graphic design by Colleen MacIsaac