M: the berlin murders

the Berlin Murders

Based on the classic 1931 German thriller, this new adaptation explores a city gripped with terror. When Berlin's children start disappearing, both the police and the criminal underworld decide to hunt down the monster responsible.


Written and Directed by Dan Bray
Stage Management by Kirsten Bruce
Assistant Stage Management and Props by Daniel Roy
Costumes by Noella Murphy

the CAST

Dan Bray as Gernhardt
Kirsten Bruce as Schranker
Rooks Field-Green as Franz
Colleen MacIsaac as Lohmann
Mark Penny as Blind Beggar
Jesse Robb as Hans Beckert
Daniel Roy as Heinrich
Schoel Strang as Hertha
Madeleine Tench as Frau Landgut

"The production values are high. Some beautiful shadow play accompanies a simple set. The costumes are high calibre [...] The show’s soundscape, coupled with the noise of rats, police sirens, and crickets in this outdoor venue permeates nicely through the space.

The performances are universally strong, as is the direction. Coming from a city where site-specific theatre is all the rage, there is hope that M: The Berlin Murders is the beginning of a revolution in Halifax for more.”

                                                                                     - Halifax Presents