Shortcuts are little acts of defiance. Despite what route we are told we should follow, we use shortcuts to find our own way.
In this piece, audience members’ favourite shortcuts are collected, processed, illustrated, published, and distributed by a trio of workers who open up the inside of their factory to us so we can see every detail of this long process to take a short cut.
Shortcuts, loopholes and life hacks. We want ‘em!
Shortcuts has been presented by Lumiere Festival, Stages Festival, and MayWorks. It is currently available for touring.


Created by Colleen MacIsaac
Production Assistance by Noella Murphy (Lumiere)

Dan Bray as The Courier
Colleen MacIsaac as The Technician
Mahya Tench as The Operator

Photos by Rain Poulette

photos by Stoo Metz, graphic design by Colleen MacIsaac